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Newspapers in the Slavonic Library include daily newspapers published in Russia, the Soviet Union and Slavic countries. In 1828–1917, newspapers from the largest cities around the Russian empire were received as deposit copies. Subsequent to 1917, the collection contains major newspapers published in Slavic languages from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. In addition, the collection contains newspapers published by emigrants. Microfilms of some of the most used newspapers can be found in the North Hall. Newspapers from current Russia and CIS countries can be used electronically through the Integrum-portal.

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The metadata for all newspapers has not yet been added to the search services. Most newspapers published before 1950 can only be found through the card or a separate catalogue. Newspapers on microfilm are currently being entered into the database. Data on newspapers included in the Integrum portal can only be found through the portal.
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All annual volumes of Pravda, Izvestiya and Literaturnaya gazeta are available in a digitised format on the University of Helsinki’s network.
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