Material acquisition principles

We are developing our collections in a wide-ranging manner anticipating research needs. The acquisition focus is on history, philosophy, Russian and East European studies, literary studies and music studies

Materials selected

The materials selected for our collections are high quality from a scientific point of view and they have permanent value for research.

In materials selection:

  • We aim to form the collection in a long-term manner while anticipating the information needs of the scholarly community.
  • We emphasise source materials in acquisition
  • We acquire research literature in key Western and Slavic languages
  • As a rule, we acquire new research literature in the original language

Acquisition proposal

Are the materials you are looking for missing from the collection of the National Library of Finland?  You can submit an acquisition proposal with form below:

Acquisition proposal form

Material donation

The National Library of Finland accepts material donations only on extremely well-founded grounds. Without exception, materials received have a significant cultural-historical value. Acceptance of donations is always considered on a case-by-case basis taking into account the libraries operational resources.

Acceptance is affected by the following considerations:

  • The suitability of the materials in the National Library of Finland’s collection profile
  • The condition of the materials
  • Resources available at the library

The library accepts as donations to the National Collection publications in good condition missing from the collection (books, newspapers and magazines, maps, sheet music and ephemera) as well as to the Finnish National Sound Archive audio recordings missing from it.

More information about materials procurement and donations:

Library´s customer service
+358 (0)2941 23196
National Library of Finland

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