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Collection description

The library has the largest collection of international newspapers in Finland. The oldest newspaper issues are from the 18th century. The collections comprise the following groups:

  • continuously acquired newspapers on microfilm
  • newspapers, which are no longer acquired or they have ceased publication
  • Baltic and Russian newspapers in other than Slavic languages published from the 1800s to the 1940s. Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian newspapers and newspapers in the Russica Collection.
  • Newspapers in the Slavonic Library

Newspapers are acquired on microfilm and newspaper information is available via the National Library search  with the exception of the oldest newspapers in the Slavonic Library and Finnish emigrant newspapers.   

Separate newspaper catalogues can be found in the North Hall. There are article catalogues for the most important international newspapers. Some of the newspapers are available in the North Hall, while others will be sent for from the repository upon order.

Electronic newspaper archives are also available via the National Library Search.

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Vuotta 1995 vanhempien ulkomaisten sanomalehtien mikrofilmien saatavuustiedot ovat paperikortistossa Lehtisalissa.
Uudempien sanomalehtien mikrofilmien saatavuustiedot ovat haettavissa Finnan kautta.
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