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Collection description

The Image Collection of the Slavonic Library comprises mostly pictures, posters and postcards printed at printing houses. The majority of the images have been received as deposit copies from around the Russian Empire in 1828–1917. There are also visual materials from the Soviet era.  

The subject matters include people, locations, buildings, army and events during wars, religious motifs and literature. The collection also contains lubki, propaganda posters from the First World War and satirical images.

Postcard motifs include people, locations, theatre and visual arts. There are over 2,000 postcards published prior to 1917 and thousands published during the Soviet era.

Catalogue information
  • Paper catalogue made of the collection
  • The collection has been described in the reference database
  • The collection has been only partially catalogued
Director Aaro Rissanen Collection is the only image collection to be entered into the National Library’s search service. Prints are catalogued separately in a paper catalogue.
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  • Analogue
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  • Pictures
  • posters