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The Glasnost Collection of the Slavonic Library contains 944 titles of periodicals and newspapers, flyers and bulletins.

The publications in the collection are a part of the new press of the perestroika and glasnost era in the Soviet Union, which refers to printed matters published by unofficial movements and cooperatives.

For all practical purposes, the collection does not contain any materials from the early years of perestroika, 1985–1986. Only 10% of the materials (87 titles) is from 1987–1989, the time of controlled perestroika, while 90% of the materials (874 titles) stem from the liberal and radical perestroika period, the years 1990–1992.

The printed matters in the collection cover a geographically widespread area from Murmansk to Novosibirsk but at its core are newspapers and flyers printed in Leningrad, Moscow and the Baltic countries. Collection has been contributed to by employees of the Slavonic Library as well as instructors and researchers of the University of Helsinki.

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