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The Estonica Collection contains deposit copies of Estonian material printed in the Russian empire between 1828 and 1917. The collections received those Estonian books and prints that were not seen to have scholarly value. Works that were considered useful for research were placed into the library's Humanities Collection.

The collection includes alphabet books and reading books, almanacs and calendars, devotional literature, fiction and poetry, song books and various guide books, in total around 6,000 volumes and 100 volumes of periodicals. The collection has been organised systematically.

In addition, the collection has 250 newspaper volumes, some of which have been microfilmed. The Estonian newspapers between 1918 and 1940 are also included in the collection.

The second part of the collection, Estonica II, also contains literature published during Estonia's era of independence. It consists of works purchased from the estate of a society called Helsingi Eesti Seltsi.

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Alphabetised car catalogue is available in the Special Collections Reading Room and in digitised form in Doria (see the links below).
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