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Books published prior to 1917 in the Slavonic Library have been primarily received as deposit copies printed in the Russian Empire. The book collection covers all genres, including fiction. It also contains reference books, bibliographies and dictionaries. Likewise, picture albums, atlases, ephemera or pamphlets, programmes, fliers and booklets are a part of the collection.

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  • Card catalogue made of the collection
  • The collection has been described in the reference database
  • The collection has been only partially catalogued
Some of the dictionaries and reference material can only be found in the card catalogue.
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  • Analogue
  • Digitised
  • On microfiche
  • On microfilm
A number of books published by Russian Futurists in the early 20th century that are included in the collection have been digitised.
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  • Books
  • Ephemera
  • online materials
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