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Collection description

The Armeniaca Collection contains material in the Armenian language printed in the Russian empire between 1828 and1917, received as deposit copies.

The collection has nearly 3,000 titles of ancient and modern Armenian literature as well as 87 serial titles.

The collection contains fiction and poetry, devotional literature, history, folklore, grammar guides, dictionaries, translated literature, economical and political publications, newspapers and periodicals as well as various ephemera. 

Catalogue information
  • Paper catalogue made of the collection
Eriksson, Tor-Erik, Libri Armeniaci Bibliothecae Universitatis Helsingiensis. 1951. 1–3 + Supplementum. Helsinki 1951. 653, 76 s. (handwritten catalogue)

The catalogue is digitised in Doria (in three parts, see the links).
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  • Analogue
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  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Aikakauslehdet
  • Ephemera