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The A. E. Nordenskiöld Collection contains maps, geographical literature, travel accounts and book rarities collected by researcher and explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld in the end of the 19th century. In 1997, the collection was included in the UNESCO Memory of the World registry.

The collection includes a vast range of early cartographic and geographic literature, around 3.870 titles, a few manuscripts and around 24,000 maps. The collection has plenty of literature concerning the Arctic areas, a nearly perfect series of Ptolemy's Atlases and a wide range of literature on the discovery of America. The collection illustrates the growth of geographic information in the West. It is is one of the most perfect collections in the world illustrating the development of modern cartography.

Catalogue information
  • Paper catalogue made of the collection
  • The collection has been described in the reference database
  • The collection has been only partially catalogued
A printed catalogue has been made of the maps in the collection:
The A. E. Nordenskiöld Collection in the Helsinki University Library. Annotated Catalogue of Maps made up to 1800. Vol. I-III. Compiled by Ann-Mari Mickwitz, Leena Miekkavaara and Tuula Rantanen. Vol. IV. Compiled by Tuula Rantanen. Vol. V:1–2. By Cecilia af Forselles-Riska. Helsinki 1979–1995.

The collection has been partly catalogued into the National Library Search.
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The collection has been partly digitized into Doria.

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  • Aikakauslehdet
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