Three exhibitions
1.3. - 22.12.2018, The National Library´s Gallery

Bookbinding gems from the National Library of Finland
1 March – 22 December 2018

Books that delight and astonish by virtue of their beauty, superb materials and the professional skills of the binders. This exhibition showcases book designs that feature exquisite leather, the finest silk, gold leaf, metal fittings and elaborate decorations, not forgetting run-of-the-mill books of the common people. The items on display include books from the late 15th century to the mid-19th century.

Exhibition team:
Experts: Anna Perälä, Leena Pärssinen
Hanna Kemppi (slavonic books)
National Library of Finland:
Katri Nissilä, Heidi Törrönen, Marleena Vihakara, Sisko Vuorikari
Exhibition architect: Maara Kinnermä
Photos: Niilo Hassi, Harri Ahonen

Time´s memory - An artist’s book series on the National Library of Finland, Tatjana Bergelt, 2017
16 May – 22 December 2018

Time’s memory (Ajan muisti) tells the story of the National Library of Finland, its collections and the people working with them through the eyes of an artist. The book series has three parts:
Tila (“Space”), Aika (“Time”) and Muisti (“Memory”). The three-part series also reflects the library’s three halls and their colours (white, green and yellow), not forgetting the blue and white colours of the Finnish flag. All three parts are contained in a unique case created especially for the book series.

Photos: Tatjana Bergelt
Translations: Tatjana Bergelt, Heikki Karjalainen, Pekka Sammallahti, Christine Schlosser
Poem: Nils Aslak Valkeapää
Texts: Mika Karhu, Tatjana Bergelt
Quotations from Alberto Manguel’s The Library at Night

The books have been pigment printed on Japanese paper and have been bound in Weimar, Germany, by Thomas Lüttich. Seven copies as well as the author’s copy.

The most beautiful books 2017
16 May – 22 December 2018

In cooperation with The Finnish Book Arts Committee and the National Library of Finland.