Three exhibitions in the Gallery

Bookbinding gems from the National Library of Finland
1 March – 22 December 2018, Gallery

Books that delight and astonish by virtue of their beauty, superb materials and the professional skills of the binders. This exhibition showcases book designs that feature exquisite leather, the finest silk, gold leaf, metal fittings and elaborate decorations, not forgetting run-of-the-mill books of the common people. The items on display include books from the late 15th century to the mid-19th century.

Nordic bookbinding 2018
1 March – 14 May 2018, Gallery

This exhibition focuses on the outstanding work of Nordic bookbinders today. The theme is free-form binding. A jury has selected some of the items on display as deserving an honourable mention. The bookbinders participating in the exhibition are Nordic professionals and hobbyists. The exhibition is being organised for the fourth time in 2018, this year with Finland as the host country.

The most beautiful books 2017
16 May – 22 December 2018, Gallery

Exhibition team:
Experts: Anna Perälä, Leena Pärssinen
Hanna Kemppi (slavonic books)
Espoo Bookbinders’ Association: Seppo Seppälä, Hannu Laine, Rudolf Sommer
National Library of Finland: Katri Nissilä, Heidi Törrönen, Sisko Vuorikari
Exhibition architect: Maara Kinnermä
Photos: Niilo Hassi, Haari Aaltonen

In cooperation with Espoo Bookbinders’ Association, The Finnish Book Arts Committee and the National Library of Finland.