Accessibility report for the website

The National Library of Finland aims to guarantee the accessibility of its websites according to the Act on the Provision of Digital Services.

This accessibility report concerns the website

The state of accessibility of the website

This website does not meet all the requirements of the Act on the Provision of Digital Services 306/2019. Non-compliance with requirements and applicable exceptions are listed below.

Inaccessible content

The website contains content that is not within the scope of the legislation

•    maps not intended for navigation (such as weather and terrain maps)

•    office software files (such as doc, pdf, odt) published before 23 September 2018

•    online content archived before 23 September 2019

•    video and audio recordings published before 23 September 2020

The below contents are inaccessible for the following reasons:

The website was renewed on 22 June 2021 and is still being developed. Some of the content and/or functions do not meet the accessibility requirements because their development is not completed.


The following content and/or functions of the website are not yet in compliance with the requirements:

1. Perceivable

1.1 Text Alternatives (WCAG 1.1.1 Non-text Content)

  • Some images contained in the service lack a text alternative or the text alternative is the name of the file.
  • The website may also contain decorative images, which have not been marked as such.

1.2 Time-based Media (WCAG 1.2.1 Audio-only and Video-only (Prerecorded), 1.2.2 Captions (Prerecorded), 1.2.3 Audio Description or Media Alternative (Prerecorded))

  • Audio and video materials lack captions, text alternatives or media alternatives.

1.3 Distinguishable (1.4.1 Use of Color, 1.4.3 Contrast (Minimum))


  • The alignment color of the Cookiebot cookie settings button at the bottom of each page does not always have enough contrast, as the background color varies depending on the position of the page in the browser window.

2. Operable

2.4 Navigable (2.4.1 Bypass Blocks, 2.4.3 Focus Order, 2.4.4 Link Purpose (In Context), 2.4.7 Focus Visible)

  • The website contains links, with the same link text but which lead to different targets. For example, there are “Read more” links on the Service search (Palveluhaku) and Find collections (Etsi kokoelmia) pages that open hidden content.
  • The Close button of the chatbot cannot be brought into focus using a screen reader. The elements of the chatbot service also do not have a focus style that would be visually sufficiently clear.

3. Understandable

3.1 Readable (3.1.2 Language of Parts, 3.2.4 Consistent Identification)

  • The website may contain content that has not been translated, such as link texts intended for screen readers, alt texts and element nametags.

4. Robust

4.1 Compatible (4.1.1 Parsing, 4.1.2 Name, Role, Value)

  • The iframe element lacks a title.
    The iframe includes the opening hours widget. This plugin has been developed by a third party and a title cannot be added to it. However, the iframe element is preceded by both a title and a description text visible to screen readers.

The online service is being developed furher on and the shortcomings in accessibility will be fixed in the process.

Preparing the accessibility report

This accessibility report was prepared on 5 November 2022.

The report is based on an assessment on the website’s compliance with the directive (EU) 2016/2102, conducted by an external expert organisation.

Feedback and contact information

Did you notice an accessibility issue on our website? Please notify us and we will do our best to provide the information and content in an accessible format as soon as possible! Please contact us via e-mail.

Contact information: The National Library of Finland communications,

Implementation method

If you notice accessibility issues on the site, please first provide feedback to the administrator of the website. Responding may take up to 14 days. If you are not satisfied with the reply or you receive no reply within two weeks, you can send feedback to the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland. The website of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland (in Finnish) gives detailed instructions on how to file a complaint and how they are processed.

Contact information of the regulatory authority

Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland, Accessibility Supervisory Unit