We collect many kinds of statistics of our operations and also coordinate the shared statistics of research libraries on a national level. This page has the most significant and extensive statistics collections, further information on which is available on the pages of the statistics in question, accessible through the links below.


FinELib consortium

The Finnish National Electronic Library, FinELib is a consortium of Finnish universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes and public libraries. The National Library of Finland is in charge of the FinELib operations and their development.

The National Library of Finland collects the sector-specific user numbers of FinELib materials and maintains the data on the amount of e-materials.

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Digitisation operations

The National Library of Finland digitises comprehensively their cultural heritage materials. The digitised materials include newspapers and journals, books, ephemera and sound recording materials. The materials are digitised in order to improve both their preservation and accessibility. Find out more about the digitised materials and their quantities through the -service.

Research Library Statistics Database

The National Library of Finland’s support for the KITT2 statistics database has ended. The last joint statistics were published in May 2021.

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