Research library

The services of the Research Library are geared to researchers, students and all who are interested in the resources of the National Library of Finland.

  • We support research, teaching and public access to information by offering the National Library’s resources to customers both on-site and online.
  • We are responsible for the augmentation and preservation of the Humanities Collection, the Slavonic Library, special collections and the Manuscript Collection as well as the National Collection and the Finnish National Sound Archive, based on the Act on Collecting and Preserving Cultural Material (No 1433/2007).
  • We digitise resources for the National Collection and the Finnish National Sound Archive to promote the preservation and use of the collections. We make the digitised resources openly available to customers within the framework of the Copyright Act and specific agreements.
  • We cooperate with researchers, research projects and research funders to maintain comprehensive and easy-to-use information repositories that meet research needs.
  • We participate in Finnish and international development projects involving legal deposits as well as the preservation, investigation and digitisation of the cultural heritage.

Library network services

Library Network Services provides services aimed at libraries and other organisations in public administration.

  • We develop open access to information in Finnish society and promote the availability, usability and reuse of resources.
  • We are responsible for the strategic development of the shared services and infrastructure of the national library network. We cooperate closely with the library network and our other stakeholders.
  • We are responsible for activities involving the Finnish National Bibliography and for the maintenance and development of Finnish metadata guidelines, glossaries and identifiers.

We are responsible for the development of the service and work environment of the National Digital Library.